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Ammonium molybdate
Product name: Ammonium molybdate
Alias: ammonium molybdate(VI); Ammoniummolybdat; Immunoglobulins, Ig; Ammonium Paramolybdate; Molybdic Acid, Diammonium Salt; Molybdate, diammonium, (T-4)-; (beta-4)-molybdate(moo42-diammonium; ammoniummolybdate((nh4)2moo4); ammoniummonomolybdate; diammonium,(T-4)-Molybdate; molybdicacid,diammoniumsalt; DIAMMONIUM MOLYBDATE; Ammonium tetramolybdate; diammonium dioxido(dioxo)molybdenum; dihydroxy(dioxo)molybdenum diammoniate
English name: ammonium molybdate
CAS no.: 13106-76-8
Molecular formula: (NH4)2MoO4
Molecular weight: 196.0142
Structural formula:
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